May. 20th, 2017

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We finished publishing all of our auction pages! The sheer number of wonderful creators participating in Stony Trumps Hate has exceeded all our expectations: thanks to you all, we have a total of 98 creators and 123 auctions!

Please check out all of our creators who are making Stony Trumps Hate possible:

Amonae | AngeNoir | ann2who | Arukou | aslightstep | asparrowsfall | Atsadi | avengercat | AvocadoLove | Baneme | buckmebxrnes | Captainshellhead & Vibraniumstark | Cazdinal | Chibisquirt | clobeast | cosplayeriori | dapperanachronism | darkness | destroyingangel9 | deusabinitio | Diana | Dis | Domon | erde | eustassya | fantalaimon | Ferserber | garrideb | Gottalovev | grue | hellogarbagetime | Impala_Chick | Ironfries | Iron__Kettle | ishipallthings | itsallavengers | izazov | Karadin | Kari2171 | Kayvsworld | kdm103020 | Kelslk | KiernaSerea | Kiyaar | Krusca | Laireshi | lavengadoraaa | lazywriter7 | Lelantus | Lets_call_me_Lily | Lienwyn | magicasen | malfaisant | MassiveSpaceWren | Metaldragonsteelwings | Mid | Miniraven | misshopeless | Muccamukk | Mushroom | MusicalLuna | nakurumok | navaan | Neurotoxia | Neverever | Nono le mog | nostalgicatsea | Onemuseleft | paraka | ParkerStark | phoenixmetaphor | Ranoutofrun | redpepperink | reioka | Riverlander974 | Robin_tCJ | RsCreighton | sabrecmc | Sam Starbuck / Copperbadge | Scifigrl47 | shetlandowl | silverink58 | Sineala | SirSapling | smolsofa | Tahlruil | Tarte Cosplay | theappleppielifestyle | UseNecessaryForce | Valmasy | Veldeia | vorkosigan | wisia | Wolfshadow17 | Wolviecat | wordsplat | WreckItRogers | XtaticPearl

The bidding links on each auction page will go live and be fully functional when the auction starts at exactly midnight, EST on May 21st (what time is that for me?). In the meantime, peek through the STH 2017 Creators tag or the List of Creators to keep an eye on the creators you’re planning to bid on - now is the time to finalize your plan of attack!

We are so excited to see the Stony fandom turn up for all these important causes. Please help us spread the word! We hope to see you all participating in the auction bidding - the more, the merrier!

Look at all these wonderful creators coming together for a good cause. I’m so impressed with the mods who put this together and the Stony fans who came out in force. I hope the auction has a good turnout and I hope some of you will be kind enough to bid.
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so turns out it’s a Mother’s Day in some countries including Japan so here i go
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These are the Most Incredible Photos Shot by NASA’s Cassini Probe

NASA’s New Horizons probe dazzled the world with a detailed photo of Pluto today, but another probe has been beaming back stunning shots of space for over a decade already. The Cassini space probe has captured its fair share of eye-popping photos since launching in 1997 and arriving in Saturn’s orbit in 2004.

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I cannot believe these are photos. these are INSANE!!!

Space looks really fake. This is one of the ways you can tell real space photos; they tend to look obviously-fake.
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Barista Creates Colorful Latte Art Using Food Dye

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

Show me what you cooked!
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