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Let’s stand against white supremacy & the dehumanisation of racialized+colonized peoples. A compilation of nonprofits mentioned in this tweet thread (also available on twitter):

@NAACP in Charlottesville (takes PayPal)

Charlottesville Pride @cvillepride (takes PayPal)

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic (serves Charlottesville)

Charlottesville’s chapter of the National Organization for Women @CVille_NOW (takes PayPal)

Meals on Wheels of Charlottesville @cvillemeals.  (takes Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express)

African American Teaching Fellows, which works to diversify a system with only 10% African American teachers. @aatfnews

Brody Jewish Center at University of Virginia

Women’s Initiative @twicville, which provides mental healthcare for women in Charlottesville regardless of ability to pay

Arc of the Piedmont, which serves people with disabilities

Big Brothers Big Sisters in Charlottesville 

@PiedmontHousing help diverse clients access affordable housing in Charlottesville and beyond

Virginia Centers for Independent Living, which has a Charlottesville branch working for independent living for folks with disabilities
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Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

this is so important

Also important information: A cop cannot arrest you for something you already took. You can tell a cop to his face that you just injected black tar heroin in your veins and as long as you don’t currently have any on you (including things like syringes or residue in a pipe), there’s fuck all he can do about it.

I take police reports for a living. The number of people who will happily tell someone “Well officer, this fight started because I smoked crack cocaine earlier,” is astounding and also not at all illegal. The criminal charge is for Possession of a Controlled Substance. If you don’t possess any at the time, there’s no crime. The only thing you can get dinged for is if you’re actively on a drug and driving, in which case - DUI.

Please, please, please tell EMTs what you took. They’re not going to rat you out to the cops and even if they did, you will still be okay.

Spreading the word, being honest with paramedics and doctors can save your life

Cannot reblog this hard enough.  Even if you have to write it on your hand before you inject or inhale, DO IT.  The few minutes it takes for a paramedic to look at that, and yell to their partner what they need to do, could be the few minutes it takes for them to save your life (and those may be the only minutes they get).
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Community violence can trigger strong grief reactions. If you are struggling with difficult emotions, you are not alone. Please call the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746 to find free, multilingual, & confidential crisis support.
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I’m done seeing nazi faces all over the internet. I prefer images of the resistance.
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This is a picture of the heroic students from the University of Virginia that stood up to hundreds of white supremacists in Charlottesville tonight. They were completely surrounded. They were beaten. They were maced. The police stood by and watched it all happen. But they stood firm, yelling “Black Lives Matter!” and “No Racists! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” until the Nazis left. They were then forcefully removed by the police, who called them an “unlawful assembly.”
These college kids bravely stood up in the face of evil tonight. And they are a shining light on what was otherwise an extremely dark thing. Fuck fascism. Fuck white supremacy. Celebrate these fucking heroes.
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It wasn’t just white men who participated in the ‘unite the right’ rally
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This US Nazi is wearing an 82nd Airborne hat. These were the paratroopers who were dropped onto Normandy, France on D-Day to fight Hitler.

The f*cking gall of these coward pricks.

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Today the Department of Phenomenal Papercraft is oohing and aahing over the work of Japanese artist Naoki Onogawa. Inspired by the ancient legend of 1000 Origami cranes and the story of Sadako Sasaki, Onogawa creates exquisite bonsai trees with miniature origami cranes for leaves.

“Since ancient times, Japanese people have been mindful of natural phenomenon. While confronting our fears of the natural world, we worship and co-exist in harmony with nature. As one symbol of nature, trees possess a life force which lies in all natural things,” Naoki writes on her blog. “I’ve tried to endow my artworks with this energy. Through looking at my works, I hope you can feel this life force too.”

Follow Naoki Onogawa on Instagram to keep up with her latest work.

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oh jesus, this hits me square in the venn diagram of paper folding feels and tiny things feels.

@copperbadge has anyone made sure you see this, yet?

Aw, beautiful!
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Holy shit, y'all. My friend is having a baby and her mom made “Deviled Egg Babies” for her shower. Like, here ya go everybody, chow down on these chilling little replicas of the thing that’s growing in my stomach.

@copperbadge horrifying???


Like, they look like they’re made out of hot dogs, which is kind of gross, but I bet if I thought hard I could find something delicious to use instead. Like maybe strips of avocado to make DEVILED EGG BEETLES or something. 

I swear, there is nothing more evil than a baby shower. Nothing.
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I don’t know what this is from but it’s the gayest start to a fight I’ve ever seen

There is no straight explanation for this
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On the topic of humans being everyone’s favorite Intergalactic versions  of Gonzo the Great:Come on you guys, I’ve seen all the hilarious additions to my “humans are the friendly ones” post. We’re basically Steve Irwin meets Gonzo from the Muppets at this point. I love it. 

But what if certain species of aliens have Rules for dealing with humans?

Don’t eat their food. If human food passes your lips/beak/membrane/other way of ingesting nutrients, you will never be satisfied with your ration bars again.

Don’t tell them your name. Humans can find you again once they know your name and this can be either life-saving or the absolute worst thing that could happen to you, depending on whether or not they favor you. Better to be on the safe side.

Winning a human’s favor will ensure that a great deal of luck is on your side, but if you anger them, they are wholly capable of wiping out everything you ever cared about. Do not anger them.

If you must anger them, carry a cage of X’arvizian bloodflies with you, for they resemble Earth mo-skee-toes and the human will avoid them.

This does not always work. Have a last will and testament ready.

Do not let them take you anywhere on your planet that you cannot fly a ship from. Beings who are spirited away to the human kingdom of Aria Fiv-Ti Won rarely return, and those that do are never quite the same.

Basically, humans are like the Fair Folk to some aliens and half of them are scared to death and the others are like alien teenagers who are like “I dare you to ask a human to take you to Earth”.

We knew about the planet called Earth for centuries before we made contact with its indigenous species, of course. We spent decades studying them from afar.

The first researchers had to fight for years to even get a grant, of course. They kept getting laughed out of the halls. A T-Class Death World that had not only produced sapient life, but a Stage Two civilization? It was a joke, obviously. It had to be a joke.

And then it wasn’t. And we all stopped laughing. Instead, we got very, very nervous. 

We watched as the human civilizations not only survived, but grew, and thrived, and invented things that we had never even conceived of. Terrible things, weapons of war, implements of destruction as brutal and powerful as one would imagine a death world’s children to be. In the space of less than two thousand years, they had already produced implements of mass death that would have horrified the most callous dictators in the long, dark history of the galaxy. 

Already, the children of Earth were the most terrifying creatures in the galaxy. They became the stuff of horror stories, nightly warnings told to children; huge, hulking, brutish things, that hacked and slashed and stabbed and shot and burned and survived, that built monstrous metal things that rumbled across the landscape and blasted buildings to ruin.

All that preserved us was their lack of space flight. In their obsession with murdering one another, the humans had locked themselves into a rigid framework of physics that thankfully omitted the equations necessary to achieve interstellar travel. 

They became our bogeymen. Locked away in their prison planet, surrounded by a cordon of non-interference, prevented from ravaging the galaxy only by their own insatiable need to kill one another. Gruesome and terrible, yes - but at least we were safe.

Or so we thought.

The cities were called Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the moment of their destruction, the humans unlocked a destructive force greater than any of us could ever have believed possible. It was at that moment that those of us who studied their technology knew their escape to be inevitable, and that no force in the universe could have hoped to stand against them.

The first human spacecraft were… exactly what we should have expected them to be. There were no elegant solar wings, no sleek, silvered hulls plying the ocean of stars. They did not soar on the stellar currents. They did not even register their existence. Humanity flew in the only way it could: on all-consuming pillars of fire, pounding space itself into submission with explosion after explosion. Their ships were crude, ugly, bulky things, huge slabs of metal welded together, built to withstand the inconceivable forces necessary to propel themselves into space through violence alone.

It was almost comical. The huge, dumb brutes simply strapped an explosive to their backs and let it throw them off of the planet. 

We would have laughed, if it hadn’t terrified us.

Humanity, at long last, was awake.

It was a slow process. It took them nearly a hundred years to reach their nearest planetary neighbor; a hundred more to conquer the rest of their solar system. The process of refining their explosive propulsion systems - now powered by the same force that had melted their cities into glass less than a thousand years before - was slow and haphazard. But it worked. Year by year, they inched outward, conquering and subduing world after world that we had deemed unfit for habitation. They burrowed into moons, built orbital colonies around gas giants, even crafted habitats that drifted in the hearts of blazing nebulas. They never stopped. Never slowed.

The no-contact cordon was generous, and was extended by the day. As human colonies pushed farther and farther outward, we retreated, gave them the space that they wanted in a desperate attempt at… stalling for time, perhaps. Or some sort of appeasement. Or sheer, abject terror. Debates were held daily, arguing about whether or not first contact should be initiated, and how, and by whom, and with what failsafes. No agreement was ever reached.

We were comically unprepared for the humans to initiate contact themselves.

It was almost an accident. The humans had achieved another breakthrough in propulsion physics, and took an unexpected leap of several hundred light years, coming into orbit around an inhabited world.

What ensued was the diplomatic equivalent of everyone staring awkwardly at one another for a few moments, and then turning around and walking slowly out of the room.

The human ship leapt away after some thirty minutes without initiating any sort of formal communications, but we knew that we had been discovered, and the message of our existence was being carried back to Terra. 

The situation in the senate could only be described as “absolute, incoherent panic”. They had discovered us before our preparations were complete. What would they want? What demands would they make? What hope did we have against them if they chose to wage war against us and claim the galaxy for themselves? The most meager of human ships was beyond our capacity to engage militarily; even unarmed transport vessels were so thickly armored as to be functionally indestructible to our weapons.

We waited, every day, certain that we were on the brink of war. We hunkered in our homes, and stared.

Across the darkness of space, humanity stared back.

There were other instances of contact. Human ships - armed, now - entering colonized space for a few scant moments, and then leaving upon finding our meager defensive batteries pointed in their direction. They never initiated communications. We were too frightened to.

A few weeks later, the humans discovered Alphari-296.

It was a border world. A new colony, on an ocean planet that was proving to be less hospitable than initially thought. Its military garrison was pitifully small to begin with. We had been trying desperately to shore it up, afraid that the humans might sense weakness and attack, but things were made complicated by the disease - the medical staff of the colonies were unable to devise a cure, or even a treatment, and what pitifully small population remained on the planet were slowly vomiting themselves to death.

When the human fleet arrived in orbit, the rest of the galaxy wrote Alphari-296 off as lost.

I was there, on the surface, when the great gray ships came screaming down from the sky. Crude, inelegant things, all jagged metal and sharp edges, barely holding together. I sat there, on the balcony of the clinic full of patients that I did not have the resources or the expertise to help, and looked up with the blank, empty, numb stare of one who is certain that they are about to die.

I remember the symbols emblazoned on the sides of each ship, glaring in the sun as the ships landed inelegantly on the spaceport landing pads that had never been designed for anything so large. It was the same symbol that was painted on the helmets of every human that strode out of the ships, carrying huge black cases, their faces obscured by dark visors. It was the first flag that humans ever carried into our worlds.

It was a crude image of a human figure, rendered in simple, straight lines, with a dot for the head. It was painted in white, over a red cross.

The first human to approach me was a female, though I did not learn this until much later - it was impossible to ascertain gender through the bulky suit and the mask. But she strode up the stairs onto the balcony, carrying that black case that was nearly the size of my entire body, and paused as I stared blankly up at her. I was vaguely aware that I was witnessing history, and quite certain that I would not live to tell of it.

Then, to my amazement, she said, in halting, uncertain words, “You are the head doctor?”

I nodded.

The visor cleared. The human bared its teeth at me. I learned later that this was a “grin”, an expression of friendship and happiness among their species. 

“We are The Doctors Without Borders,” she said, speaking slowly and carefully. “We are here to help.”

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It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

There you go @kayvsworld - first thing I thought of.  XD
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15+ Un-Bear-Ably Cute Momma Bears Teaching Their Teddy Bears How To Bear

Momma Bear
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Trust me, I am very aware of what I’m doing right now. #RaidersOfTheLostArk #Live #DateNight (at Hollywood Bowl)
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Внебрачный сын пчелы и тигра…
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This Guy Lost A Bet To His Cousin. The Winner Could Do The Loser’s Hair

This is a powerful aesthetic.

this is actually super cool
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