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If you post someone else’s artwork anywhere on the internet, and the artist approaches you and asks to be given credit for their work, this is NOT how you should respond. I was alerted this morning to a repost of my artwork on Instagram, with no credit given and an ugly filter run over it. I left them a comment asking, sternly but politely, to please give me credit for my work or to delete the post. This is the reply I received. (The very end, which is cut off, read “Now since you care so much about “credit” I’ll give you it. But bear all I said in mind next time.”)

It made me so angry I couldn’t see straight. I was pissed. The level of entitlement and disregard shown is staggering. I should be grateful that they stole my artwork and posted it for their own publicity and gain? ‘Musicians are known for that’?? Shut up and sit down. Fuck that noise. Fuck this person. Just because I published my work to the internet does not mean people can use it carte blanche. This is a seriously shitty attitude to have and I can’t believe they thought that was an okay thing to say. You want to know what the correct response is? “Sure, I’ll give you credit! No problem!”

I don’t have much of a problem with people reposting my art, as long as they give credit first and/or ask permission. I was willing to let this person keep their post if they did as I nicely asked. But after this reply? Nope. I’m done being polite. They got one reply (”that’s not how IP law works, sweetie :)”) before I filed a copyright violation claim with Instagram. The post was removed within minutes. Petty? Maybe. Do I feel bad? No. Talk shit, get hit.

Just…please, please treat your fanworks creators with a little dignity and respect, okay? Giving credit where it’s due is not that hard. Just a few simple words and maybe a tag is all you need. Don’t know the creator’s name? Do a reverse Google Image search and find out that way. Still don’t know who the creator is? Don’t post it. You are only doing harm to the artists and authors whose work you claim to love.

And to the person who reposted my art…if you’re on Tumblr and you see this post out in the wild–shame on you. I hope you learned a hard lesson in humility.

Seriously.  You should have left the name alone.  Atttribution, after all.

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2j1zMei


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