Mar. 25th, 2017

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Mar. 25th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Fri, 14:05: RT @JohnFugelsang: These are the kind of business smarts that gave us Trump Air, Trump Steaks, Trump Taj Mahal & Trump losing $900 mil in 1…
  • Fri, 14:05: RT @KamalaHarris: Thanks to the ACA, 20M more Americans — the population of the state of New York — have health insurance. #KillTheBill
  • Fri, 14:05: RT @GynoStar: So who looks like the bigger chump coming out of this debacle, Trump or Ryan? #KillTheBill
  • Fri, 14:05: RT @tedlieu: By eliminating "essential" health benefits, #Trumpcare becomes FAKE insurance. It won't cover you if you get very sick. #KILLT
  • Fri, 14:05: RT @resistmanual: We are prepared on every other #resistance issue too! We will #KilltheBill when it does not support equity and justice.
  • Fri, 14:52: RT @SarahKSilverman: Kudos 2 republicans who stayed strong amidst promises& threats by u know who & his cronies. For reals, well done, brav…
  • Fri, 14:52: RT @AnneRiceAuthor: Time for 100% percent coverage. I lived with Kaiser Permanente for over 20 years. It provided efficient care 100% and…
  • Fri, 14:53: RT @pattymo: Paul Ryan currently locked in his office, shrieking "HAVEN'T ANY OF THESE PEOPLE READ THE FOUNTAINHEAD"
  • Fri, 14:53: RT @Khanoisseur: This is the single biggest reason coops collapsed and Obamacare premiums rose-GOP doesn't care about Americans getting ins…
  • Fri, 15:02: RT @RepAdamSchiff: Art of the Squeal: I blame Democrats for a bill Republicans couldn't pass. I blame Obama. I blame Australian Prime Minis…
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