May. 10th, 2017

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For those who have been busy with other things, the news is that last night, Trump fired James Comey, head of the FBI, based on a recommendation from AG Sessions, itself based on a detailed letter by Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy AG.  This is a big deal because the FBI is handling an investigation probing the Trump campaign’s connections with Russia and whether they colluded in Russia’s interference with our election in November.  There is strong evidence that Comey’s firing (Rosenstein’s letter is about his handling of the Clinton email investigation during the election) is pretextual, that the real reason is to stifle the investigation of Trump’s campaign.

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So you’re confused about this whole James Comey thing but also care about America so want to be less confused? Come with me!

James Comey was (until today) the Director of the FBI. A Republican appointed by Barack Obama in 2013. He made a lot of enemies in the Democratic Party when, 11 days before the 2016 election, he re-opened investigation into Hillary’s emails.

Turned out nothing interesting was in those new emails, and also that this probably did result in Hillary losing the election. Kinda uncool. Also turns out, he did not announce that the FBI was looking into links between Trump’s campaign and the Russian Government.

It is clear (though some still argue) that Russia actively worked to influence the outcome of the US Presidential election. They did this by hacking and releasing information on Hillary Clinton, and by creating and promoting incendiary and false news stories online.

The Obama Administration knew about this and got real mad at Russia, basically kicking all of their diplomats out of the country and creating new sanctions.

There are two main concerns that the FBI (and other agencies, including congress) have been looking into.

1. Whether the Trump campaign was in communication with the Russians before or after the election to say that the Obama sanctions wouldn’t last.

(This would be bad. Basically actively working against the existing government of the United States, which is illegal.)

2. Whether the Trump campaign actively worked with the Russians to time the release of negative information on Hillary Clinton.

(This would be even worse. Both could be considered treason.)

A number of people in Trump’s campaign and also his current team had conversations with Russian diplomats and lied about it. This includes Mike Flynn, who definitely violated the law and who was fired for lying to VP Pence about it. It also includes Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who agreed that he would not be involved in the Russia investigations because he lied under oath about it.

The FBI has had an on-going investigation into this stuff the whole time, and James Comey has been leading that investigation.

Quick note, a Grand Jury is a citizen panel that decides whether there’s enough evidence to try a case. These are usually secret, in order to protect the people who might not be even brought to trial, much less found guilty. But sometimes they need to gather information, like documents or testimony. And they do this with court summonses called subpoenas.

Well, yesterday, CNN reported that a Federal Grand Jury investigating Mike Flynn and the Trump Campaigns ties to Russia exists. That Grand Jury has issued subpoenas for more information, indicating to experts a high level of seriousness to the investigation.

It’s pretty clear that Trump campaign knows about this, and as it’s a Federal case, it was likely overseen by the FBI director, James Comey.

Suddenly, just before that story came out, the Trump team decided that Comey’s treatment of Hillary’s emails was bad, and fired him. The recommendation to fire Comey came from AG Sessions, who, again, recused himself from the Russia investigation after lying under oath. To be clear, both Sessions and Trump have previously praised Comey at length for his treatment of that investigation.

The response from Dems and also many Reps has been shock. It is very concerning for a President to fire someone who is investigating him. This seems to have happened very quickly. Comey found out he was fired the same time as everyone else, the letter Trump wrote to him was delivered to DC, but Comey was in Los Angeles at the time. Of course, the Deputy Director of the FBI is now in charge, but Trump has the job of appointing a new director, and has not made any sign that he has a list of candidates.

This seems the sort of thing that most congressional lawmakers, who have a mandate to check the power of the President, should be very worried about. Many are calling for a Special Prosecutor, who would be free to work without congressional approval, to be appointed.

Others want broad, unanimous support for Comey’s replacement, which would ensure someone who is not under Trump’s thumb.

The power to grant these things lies with congress. A congress that is controlled by the President’s party, but not by the President.

And that is where we are. It is pretty convoluted, thank you for taking the time to read.

The controversial points in this are:
1 Whether the Russian government hacked Hillary’s emails (many Republicans say there is no proof while every intelligence agency in the US said that it was orchestrated by the Russian government.

2. Whether Jeff Sessions lied under oath or if he just misspoke or forgot that he had met with Russian officials. In any case, he agreed to remove himself from the congressional investigation.

3. Whether the Trump Campaign investigation was the cause of Comey’s firing. The stated reason is that Comey “lost credibility” and damaged the reputation of the FBI by mis-handling the Clinton email investigation.

That’s as good as I can do, it feels like it’s a good deal more comprehensive and concise than most of what I’ve been reading. If it helped you, please show it around.
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John Legend is joining the fight to close Rikers Island, a notorious New York City jail. He spoke to us about it and the issue of mass incarceration across America.

follow @the-movemnt
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sometimes i worry how quickly it seems to be fading from public consciousness that the american people didn’t actually choose donald trump

he lost the popular vote


by kind of a lot

it still matters that all those people out there DID vote for them, it still matters that our electoral system is so fucked and so undemocratic as to elect him anyways, but i feel it’s really important we remember that the majority of americans chose hilary clinton and not donald trump

for a lot of reasons, we need to not let it fade out of public top-of-mind knowledge that donald trump was not the choice of the american people
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A photographer takes shots of hot air balloons in Utah. BLM Utah photo
A photographer snaps a landscape photo in California. BLM California photo
A videographer frames his shot in California. BLM California photo
A hiker uses her iPhone to capture scenic California. BLM California photo

National Photography Month: Show us what you got!

May marks National Photography Month, and we want to see your photos on your BLM-managed public lands! When sharing your photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, make sure to use #mypubliclands for your chance to be featured on our Instagram!

In addition, stay tuned for our tips and tricks for taking awesome photos on your public lands! 

Visit to find public lands near you! Then get outside and start snapping away!
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Random Headcanon: That Federation vessels in Star Trek seem to experience bizarre malfunctions with such overwhelming frequency isn’t just an artefact of the television serial format. Rather, it’s because the Federation as a culture are a bunch of deranged hyper-neophiles,
tooling around in ships packed full of beyond-cutting-edge tech they
don’t really understand. Endlessly frustrating if you have to fight
them, because they can pull an effectively unlimited number of bullshit
space-magic countermeasures out of their arses - but they’re as likely
as not to give themselves a lethal five-dimensional wedgie in the
process. All those rampant holograms and warp core malfunctions and
accidentally-traveling-back-in-time incidents? That doesn’t actually
happen to anyone else; it’s literally just Federation vessels that go off the rails like that. And they do so on a fairly regular basis.

So to everyone else in the galaxy, all humans are basically Doc Brown.

Aliens who have seen the Back to the Future movies literally don’t realise that Doc Brown is meant to be funny. They’re just like “yes, that is exactly what all human scientists are like in my experience”.


vulcan science academy: why do you need another warp core

humans: we’re going to plug two of them together and see if we go twice as fast

vsa: last time we gave you a warp core you threw it into a sun to see if the sun would go twice as fast

humans: hahaha yeah

humans: it did tho


humans: it exploded twice as fast

I love this. Especially because of how well it plays with my headcanon that the Federation does so much better against the Borg than anyone else because beating the Borg with military tactics is nigh-impossible, but beating them with wacky superscience shenanigans works as long as they’re unique wacky superscience shenanigans.

Yeah, I love this.

Reminds me of the thing I wrote a while back about Humans in high fantasy realms - they’re basically Team Fuck It Hold My Beer I Got This.

Impulsive, passionate to a fault, the social structures they build to try and regulate this hotheadedness ironically creates even greater levels of sheer bull-headedness. Even their “cooler” heads take action in months or weeks.

All their great heroes of the past were impossibly rash by galactic standards. Humans Just Go With It, which is their great flaw but also their greatest strength.

klingons: okay we don’t get it

vulcan science academy: get what

klingons: you vulcans are a bunch of stuffy prisses but you’re also tougher, stronger, and smarter than humans in every single way

klingons: why do you let them run your federation

vulcan science academy: look

vulcan science academy: this is a species where if you give them two warp cores they don’t do experiments on one and save the other for if the first one blows up

vulcan science academy: this is a species where if you give them two warp cores, they will ask for a third one, immediately plug all three into each other, punch a hole into an alternate universe where humans subscribe to an even more destructive ideological system, fight everyone in it because they’re offended by that, steal their warp cores, plug those together, punch their way back here, then try to turn a nearby sun into a torus because that was what their initial scientific experiment was for and they didn’t want to waste a trip. 

vulcan science academy: they did that last week. we have the write-up right here. it’s getting published in about six hundred scientific journals across two hundred different disciplines because of how many established theories their ridiculous little expedition has just called into question. also, they did turn that sun into a torus, and no one actually knows how. 

vulcan science academy: this is why we let them do whatever the hell they want. 

klingons: …. can we be a part of your federation

Come to think of it, I mean. Look at the “first human warp drive” thing in the movie. That was… Not how Vulcans would have done it.

you know what the best evidence for this is? Deep Space 9 almost never broke down. minor malfunctions that irritated O’Brien to hell and back, sure, but almost none of the truly weird shit that befell Voyager and all the starships Enterprise. what was the weirdest malfunction DS9 ever had? the senior staff getting trapped as holosuite characters in Our Man Bashir, and that was because a human decided to just dump the transporter buffer into the station’s core memory and hope everything would work out somehow, which is a bit like swapping your computer’s hard drive out for a memory card from a PlayStation 2 and expecting to be able to play a game of Spyro the Dragon with your keyboard and mouse.

you know what, I’m not done with this post. let’s talk about the Pegasus. the USS Fucking Pegasus,
testbed for the first Starfleet cloaking device. here we have a handful
of humans working in secret to develop a cloaking device in violation
of a treaty with the Romulans. they’re playing catchup trying to develop
a technology other species have had for a century. and what do they do?
do they decide to duplicate a Romulan cloaking device precisely, just
see if they can match what other species have? nope. they decide, hey,
while we’re at it, while we’re building our very first one of these things, just to find out if this is possible, let’s see if we can make this thing phase us out of normal space so we can fly through planets while we’re invisible.

“but why” said the one Vulcan in the room.

“because that would fucking rule” said the humans, high-fiving each other and slamming cans of 24th-century Red Bull.

must be like twenty different counselling groups for non-human
engineering students at Starfleet Academy, and every week in every
single one of them someone walks in and starts up with a story like “our
assignment was to repair a phaser emitter and my one human classmate
built a chronometric-flux toaster that toasts bread after you’ve eaten

Humans get mildly offended by the way they are presented in non-human media.

Like: “Guys, we totally wouldn’t do that!” But this always fails to get much traction, because the authors can always say: “You totally did.”

“That was ONE TIME.” 

There’s that movie where humans invented vaccines by just testing them on people. Or the one about those two humans who invented powered flight by crashing a bunch of prototypes. Or the one about electricity. 

And human historians go, “Oh, uh, this is historically accurate, but also kind of boring.” To which the producers respond: “How is doing THIS CRAZY THING boring????????”

There are entire serieses of horror movies where the premise is “We stopped paying attention to the human and ey found the technology.”

reblog for new meta. RE that last line: McGuyver. 

“MacGuyver” is the equivalent of Vulcan vintage human horror television.

during orientation at a human college, vulcans are presented with a list of swear words. 

“what is the word ‘fuck’ for,” the innocent young vulcans want to know. “surely there are more logical intensity modifiers.”

“yeah, you’d think so,” say the weary, jaded vulcan professors. “you’d really fucking think so.”

there is a phrase in vulcan for ‘the particular moment you understand what the word ‘fuck’ is for’. 

This is why the Federation is the only organisation to ever stand a chance against the Borg

The Borg can adapt to the brilliant millitary strategies of the Romulan Star Empire, the Klingons and even the cold logical intellectual prowess of the vulcans

The Borg weren’t prepared for a starship captain to lure them into his 50′s noir detective holo-novel and then machine gun them to death with a weapon made out of hard light

This thread is amazing. Even as a baby star trek nerd that only really knows the new movies.

“there is a phrase in vulcan for ‘the particular moment you understand what the word ‘fuck’ is for’.”

I just died

I lost my shit at “toasts your bread after you’ve eaten it”

Oh please please someone write this

the best thing about this post is that the way it’s written - by multiple human authors getting over-excited about ridiculous, wonderful, impossible ideas that ought by rights to be terrifying - is itself proof that we’re like this


Hold my beer.
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Goddamn it. Matt casually twirling his folded up cane in his hand is ridiculously hot.
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Animator Milt Kahl left this Ollie Johnston drawing on Johnston’s desk with a note of disapproval of how he was drawing O'Malley:

Dear Ol Old Boy:

You still insist on O’Malley being a fat slob!

Come off it!


Phil Harris voiced O’Malley, one has to wonder what these guys thought of him.  Honestly.
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Sam Wilson x @ ProBirdRights [insp.]
[from the twitter genius of stuckyparty]

Follow that tweet.
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“The biggest exception to Republicans’ defense of the current investigatory trajectory came from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who testily repeated the need for a “special committee” when asked about Comey. Asked in an interview why no new Republicans were joining him, McCain replied: “I neither know nor care.”
“I’ve seen special prosecutors succeed and I’ve seen them fail. I prefer a select committee. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say it and I’m sorry if I’m a little abrupt with you. I believe we need a select committee. I believe we need a select committee,” McCain said.”

McConnell rejects calls for special prosecutor

I’ll just hold my breath forever while I wait for John McCain to actually put some meaningful action behind his words.

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I love the way the guys use their natural instincts in this scene.

Cap makes a makeshift shield to protect himself, Tony grabs a screwdriver and uses his engineering brain to take them down, Clint uses his aim to throw Steve his shield to support him and Natasha grabs a gun she taped beforehand because she is prepared like a god damn professional.

excuse you tony grabbed a fondue fork and started STABBING AT MECHANICAL PARTS because that’s HOW YOU ENGINEER, MOTHERFUCKER.

… Oh my god, how did I not notice that? Tony fucking Stark uses a fondue fork to dispatch a psychotic killer robot. I just can’t right now with him. 

He made a tech marvel from a box of scraps in a cave and a makeshift armoury made from a hardware shop in IM3. 

That man can literally make anything a weapon. His competency game is off the fucking chain.

I’d like to point out that Tony went to the trouble to make sure there was fondue at the party and if you think he doesn’t make absolutely sure to have fondue at every, single party with Steve, then you are mistaken, my friend.

@sabrecmc I really like the idea of Tony including fondue at every single party without saying anything to Steve.  Eventually Steve’s going to catch on, because fondue’s not that common of a party food, and Tony will sit there all smug with his eyebrow raised, while Steve’s like, “Does he know?!?!”

Right?  Like, poor Steve isn’t sure if he should say something, in case Tony doesn’t know, because Steve definitely doesn’t want to tell him if he doesn’t, but then at some point he has to realize Tony is messing with him.  Ah, flirting.

And then he smacks the SOB “HOLD STILL YOU NEED TO DIE” - priceless.

Still think Clint could have tossed that shield as well as Cap did.
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bottomed Salted Rum Caramel Tart with Toasted Marshmallow


^basically ;)


holy christ


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Fox News is a straight up pro-Trump propaganda machine.
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99 percent of Hurricane Matthew aid requested by NC denied by Trump administration:


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The State of North Carolina requested $929 million from the federal government to help with costs associated with Hurricane Matthew, but the state will be receiving far less than that, according to an announcement by Gov. Roy Cooper.

North Carolina will receive only $6.1 million from the Trump administration. That’s 99 percent less than the requested amount.

In a letter Cooper sent to the president and other officials today, he expressed “shock and disappointment in the lack of federal funding for Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.”

The governor had worked with Sen. Thom Tillis and Representatives David Price (D) and Rep. David Rouzer ® in April to come up with a request to Congress to help cover the costs associated with the destruction left by Matthew.

The $929 million requested would have been used to “help communities and families fix homes, repair businesses and recover from the historic flooding,” Cooper said.

“Families across Eastern North Carolina need help to rebuild and recover, and it is an incredible failure by the Trump Administration and Congressional leaders to turn their backs,” said Cooper said in a statement released to the press. “Matthew was a historic storm and we are still working every day to help families return home and rebuild their communities. North Carolinians affected by this storm cannot be ignored by the Trump Administration and Congressional leadership, and I will continue to work with our Congressional delegation to get North Carolina residents affected by the storm the help they deserve.”


The press release from Cooper’s office included a summary of the requests made of the federal government.

Summary of North Carolina’s federal unmet needs request:

Housing Repairs: $166.6 million to help homeowners with repairs, $63.7 million to repair rental housing, and $15.2 million to repair public housing

Housing Elevation: $434 million for buyout, elevation and reconstruction of 3,962 properties that flooded during Matthew and are at risk for future flooding

Agriculture: $92.6 million to cover losses for farmers not covered by the USDA such as livestock, farm equipment, and feed

Public Facilities: $43 million to repair public facilities and retrofit infrastructure like storm drains and sewer lines to prevent future damage

Small Businesses: $39 million to help 691 small businesses

Health: $37 million to support health and mental health services for storm survivors and to help with repairs to health care facilities, child care centers, and social services agencies

The governor invited the president and other federal officials to come to the state and tour the damage.

“I…invite you to visit North Carolina and see the devastating impacts of this disaster first hand,” he wrote in the letter. “Our citizens and communities are struggling, and will only be able to make a full recovery with the aid of much needed federal assistance.”

You can read Cooper’s letter to the administration here.
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A Reporter Was Just Arrested for Asking Secretary Tom Price a Question:


The charge? “Willful destruction of state government processes.” For asking a question of an elected official, acting as a member of the press.
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Something my middlest brother pointed out yesterday:
The wealthiest people on Earth do literally nothing with their wealth. They do an awful lot with their power, but not the hoarded wealth itself. Any spending or reinvestment is minuscule in proportion to the sheer amount that exists just to sit there and accrue. The wealth grows far faster than it can be spent, so any argument that spending is itself an efficient form of redistribution falls apart. 
Under capitalism, capital races to become inert wealth. It is not a self-perpetuating dynamic system, it’s a system degrading toward a kind of heat death.

Of course. If they spent their money. They wouldn’t have money anymore. The rich suck money out of circulation in the economy and it stagnates indefinitely with them. Any amount they spend, no matter how ridiculous to us will never be a significant fraction because that’s what makes them rich and that’s how they stay rich.

The more rich people there are, and the richer they are, the weaker any economy becomes. There’s no way around it.

Their class warfare propaganda castes themselves as economic saints who “create jobs” as if they’re paying all their wealth out to their employees. If that were the case they’d be losing money the more they expand their business. But that’s not how business works so. Duh. That is a lie. They expand their business only to expand their profits and they always make far more than they pau back, so, literally the more jobs they create the more they suck out of the economy.

They also cast the poor as a burden, in order to pit those with a little to lose (middle/working class) against those with nearly nothing to lose (working poor), keep them squabbling with each other over the scraps of their salaries and tax funded benefits and nobody thinks about the tiny minority that has EVERYTHING and leaves everyone else squabbling over scraps.
But the truth is, the poor can’t afford to save money, sequestering it from the economy. They spend every penny they make and still go hungry. But all that cash flow strengthens the economy. Every penny of every benefit they collect doesn’t stay with them, it gets paid by the government to private interests, like grocery stores and land lords. Benefits for the poor don’t go to the poor they go through the poor right back to the rich anyway.
The poor are the opposite of a burden, no matter how much benefits they receive, everything they get they pay out immediately.

The rich are the ones taking more and more away and never pay back in as much as they take out. The rich are by definition the only real burden on the taxpayer and the economy. If they are allowed to keep getting richer without limit, eventually our economy, society, and political system will collapse under the weight of the money they amass.

The whole idea of market-based economies is that money is in circulation. People work, get paid, use this money to buy things, which pays other people so they can make/buy more things, that are bought/made, ad infinitum.
But when you take a bunch of the profit out of the calculation it just collapses.
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BOOM: FBI admits ‘active, ongoing investigation’ includes Trump’s call for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton:


David Edwards at The Raw Story:

According to recently-revealed court documents, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking into a case that includes then-candidate Donald Trump’s public call for Russia to hack then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails.

During a 2016 campaign press conference, Trump made a plea directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government.

“I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump said in front of supporters in Florida. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

According to court filings obtained by The Sparrow Project, those remarks are now part of an FBI investigation.
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squimble-the-slug-witch replied to your quote “A person with an ADHD nervous system has never been able to use the…”

“ You know what has a better long-term outcome than medication? Montessori.” KABOOM. I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS SINCE I WAS EIGHT YEARS OLD. WHY DOES MONTESSORI STOP AT 12YO?? I NEEDED IT JUST AS MUCH BETWEEN 13 AND 23 AS I DID BETWEEN 2 AND 12.

Just a theory, but my suspicion is that it has to do with not knowing how to treat teenagers within a system that encourages personal responsibility. Because people in the ranges of 13-22 are ready for an increasing level of responsibility that our legal and educational systems strongly discourage, making it difficult to know what to do with the 13-17 bracket in particular. I don’t know what the solution is, and I don’t know that Montessori will ever address it, unfortunately.

When I hear the things that teens outside the US are allowed/encouraged to do, it sometimes stuns me. And my generation isn’t even the one that was helicopter parented. Just, the base assumption of competence nearly everywhere else is so different from the hyper-controlling system we have. That hyper-control is part of the problem for disabled/neurodivergent teens, because we don’t and never have fit within the system in the first place. As the leash tightens on neurotypical/abled teens, it chokes the rest of us because it treats non-conformity as an attempt to rebel. Instead of, say, as an inability to conform.

There’s not a lot I would not have done if a Montessori school had been available.  Montessori around here - in lovely Los Angeles - means preschool.  Period.  SMH.
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The Turds Who Voted to Sell Out Your Online Privacy Get Their Faces Plastered on Billboards:










Do the same thing for healthcare.
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Click here to support Jakob Jay was attacked and needs our help:


Hey folks.  This gentleman was stabbed on my block two nights ago.  I’ve never met him, but I’m posting this all the same.  He needs help.
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Just take a look at the Japanese emperor caterpillar! they’re sure to cheer you up! they’re happy to see anyone!

These guys really love to peek, and their cute horns make it all the more better!

Soon. they actually just mean that hugs are coming to you soon, there’s nothing to worry about~

They’re also very silly. 

What do you mean I can’t listen to leaf?

They’re also very little but still love meeting new friends!

Look at this tiny one, stepping into the world to start peeking!

Tiny peekers in training! they’re doing well.

Need I mention cat ears?

When you’re feeling sad, just think about these emperor caterpillars. they’d probably love to peek and see a pretty human with a smile on it’s face. 


smol an good smiley noodle friend


I am Groot.  I am Groot.  I am Groot.
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