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Hi guys! So I know we all don’t actually read the terms and conditions of things and just hit agree assuming there’s nothing important in there (I do it too oops) but if you take writing commissions or anything involving money, then there’s actually something in the AO3 terms and conditions to be aware of.

Linking to a personal website or blog/social network where you are taking donations, posting commissions or mentioning published works is permitted, but advertising it directly on the Archive is not, nor is using language which one might interpret as requesting financial contributions. For example, you can say something to the effect of “check out my Tumblr if you want to know more about me and my writing” and include the link to the site, but you cannot specifically state anything about donations, commissions or sales on the Archive.

Today someone reported one of my fics as violating this condition - presumably because I’d mentioned my patreon in the author’s note (I wasn’t actively requesting donations either… I’d literally just mentioned that it existed, and that the fic in question was written as a thank-you for hitting one of my goals).

I’ve written to AO3 to check whether just saying ‘thank you to those who support me on patreon’ is fine and I’ll let you guys know when they get back to me, but if it’s still going too far in terms of being a ‘commercial promotion’ then I’ll just avoid mentioning this in the future! :’)

As I said, someone did actually report my fic for this - so there are people out there who are noticing/reporting these situations. Please be aware of this if you take fic commissions, or use patreon or ko-fi, because your account could end up suspended, which of course no one wants!

<3 <3

UPDATE: AO3 got back to me - you’re not allowed to mention or link to patreon at all, regardless of how it’s phrased. Not sure if it’s the same for ko-fi but it might be better to be safe than sorry!

<3 @kahnah23 relevant to you and possibly some others~

That’s a fucking bullshit rule, I’m sorry. They shouldn’t deny you the opportunity to advertise your own work.

archive of our own is run by the organization for transformative works. ao3 and the other services that otw offers - including legal services for fan creators who get in legal trouble - are nonprofit organizations.

this isn’t just a self-determined descriptor; that’s a legal definition that requires adherence to specific rules and laws regarding income, profit, and donations.

this isn’t a “bullshit rule” just meant to prevent creators from advertising. in op’s post, the contact from ao3 offers a roundabout way to advertise. this rule ensures that ao3 and the organization for transformative works to stay a non-profit organization - this “bullshit rule” is essentially a way so that ao3 and the other services that the organization for transformative works can stay online.

Hey, folks! A bit of clarification on this point. Courtesy of the lovely people from our Legal and Abuse committees, here’s how things are:

What the TOS FAQ says is: “We want the Archive to remain a non-commercial space. That means that it isn’t the right place for offering merchandise, even fan-related merchandise. Linking to your personal page (not, for example, an Amazon author page) is fine, even if the personal page includes some items for sale, but the Archive is not advertising space.”

We made this rule to keep the Archive focused on its original mission of protecting noncommercial transformative works, and to avoid confusion about the relationship between the Archive and individual creators. Donations to individual creators are not donations to the Archive, so they don’t affect our status as a nonprofit as such, but we still need a rule that enables our small, hard-working abuse team to enforce an anti-commercialization rule as fairly as possible.

It is acceptable to mention something like “This work was commissioned by Mary Sue,” but creators should not link directly to their fundraising pages or solicit donations on the Archive. We do not want to suspend accounts over this, and creators are given notice if there’s a problem. We presume good faith, and if you think Abuse has made a mistake about your work, you can appeal any decision requiring the removal of a link.

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@prochoice-chick, word on the street is you’re a piece of shit. What say you?

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Exquisite Textured Paintings by Justyna Kopania’s Capture Autumn’s Beauty

Polish artist Justyna Kopania has an uncanny talent of capturing the mood and heart of mother nature. 

Keep reading

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More by the Artist Here


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I see you by MARC BOUYER

Wild Arctic Fox Portrait (West Fjords - Iceland)

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We were told that there was a huge wall in Berlin, and that if you got anywhere near it, the Russian and German military would shoot you on sight. That wall was the greatest symbol of governmental oppression on the planet, and America’s number-one goal was to tear it down. We were told that Russian police would regularly execute its citizens in the street in broad daylight. That if you protested anything for any reason, you risked death, serious injury, or spending years in prison. We pretty quickly got the picture that Russia wasn’t a country – it was a murder factory.

We were taught that there were many people in Russia who didn’t agree with their government, but if they spoke up about it, they would be beaten or killed. Even if the police didn’t do it, other citizens who supported the government would. We were taught that there were cameras on every street corner, documenting everything you did, and there was no escaping the eye of the police and military. And if Russia ever did start a war with the U.S., and they happened to win … well, this is what we could all expect our country to become. 

So why am I bringing this up 34 years after that classroom incident? 25 years after the Cold War ended? Because I can’t even do something simple like log onto Twitter without getting that same feeling of dread that I got as an ignorant third-grader way back in 1982. Everything we were warned about is happening, without a single Russian soldier policing our streets.

Why The Modern-Day U.S. Is Basically Cold War Russia

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The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories (2016)  

“With his debut novel, The Grace of Kings, taking the literary world by storm, Ken Liu now shares his finest short fiction in The Paper Menagerie. This mesmerizing collection features all of Ken’s award-winning and award-finalist stories, including: “The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary” (Finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, and Theodore Sturgeon Awards), “Mono No Aware” (Hugo Award winner), “The Waves” (Nebula Award finalist), “The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species” (Nebula and Sturgeon award finalists), “All the Flavors” (Nebula award finalist), “The Litigation Master and the Monkey King” (Nebula Award finalist), and the most awarded story in the genre’s history, “The Paper Menagerie” (The only story to win the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards).”

A must-have for every science fiction and fantasy fan, this beautiful book is an anthology to savor.

by Ken Liu

Get it  now here

Ken Liu is one of the most lauded authors in the field of American literature. A winner of the Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy, Sidewise, and Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards, he has also been nominated for the Sturgeon and Locus Awards. His short story, “The Paper Menagerie,” is the first work of fiction to simultaneously win the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards. He also translated the 2015 Hugo Award–winning novel The Three-Body Problem, written by Cixin Liu, which is the first novel to ever win the Hugo award in translation.The Grace of Kings, his debut novel, is the first volume in a silkpunk epic fantasy series set in a universe he and his wife, artist Lisa Tang Liu, created together. He lives near Boston with his family.

[ Follow SuperheroesInColor on facebook / instagram / twitter / tumblr ]

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#face it jim your crew consists of 5 year olds

I love it when the crew pulls together.

Captain James. T. Kirk, cat herder.

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Do Not Take A Picture of Your Ballot

It is illegal. Your vote will be thrown out and not counted.

DO NOT post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or Snapchat or Instagram or Tumblr or ANYTHING. Don’t share it with your friends. The likes and notes are not worth it. Just keep your phones in your damn pockets the entire time you’re voting.Take a cute selfie with the “I Voted” sticker afterwards instead.

Please don’t let me read headlines going something like “Millennials fucked up the election by posting pictures of their ballots” because it will be fucking insufferable. And also Trump will probably win and we’ll all be fucked.


It’s called passive electioneering, and some states will bar you from entering a voting place if you are wearing anything pro-or-anti-a certain candidate. Show your support that day by voting instead of wearing your candidate proudly on clothes.

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Sankofa Collective Northwest: On Splitting From PFLAG, QTPOC Centered Organizing, And The Patterns Of Privilege:





As many of you know, Portland, Oregon is the whitest major city in the United States. What many people don’t know is that Oregon was founded as a white nationalist utopia. Our state’s beloved ballot measure and initiative process, allowing for the citizenry to vote on local and state issues, was first used to pass a constitutional amendment to answer the question of whether Oregon should be a free state or a slave state on our entrance to the union. The state voters voted overwhelmingly to become the only state to BAN Black people from living within its territory. Flashfoward to 2016 Portland is quickly growing more expensive and hostile to its Black and Afrodiasporic populations. There have been numerous local reports on the recent white supremacist gang activity and assaults, including murders of Black and Latino Oregonians. For years, PFLAG Portland Black Chapter was THE FIRST AND ONLY Black Chapter of PFLAG in the nation. The history and living conditions of Oregon required such an organization to exist to meet the needs of the community.

PFLAG Portland Black Chapter was founded in 2009 with the help of the Edwards family, a prominent and active Black family that has pushed the city miles forward in terms of youth violence prevention, care for Black and African refugees, and care for the Black Trans and Queer lives. 

In June of this year, the president of PFLAG Portland - Dawn Holt, a cis, het white woman “ally” - closed the chapter, its bank account, and laid everyone off with less than a week’s notice and NO CONSULTATION whatsoever of the Board of Directors or the PFLAG Portland Black Chapter steering committee. We were not informed about this decision and they did not consult us in any way before deciding to vacate everyone’s positions with only days notice.

I was one of the people she laid off - she didn’t even know my name when she handed me a forceful termination letter; she referred to me by my coworker’s name and not just once, even handing me their letter of termination instead of mine. She could not distinguish any of the PFLAG Portland BLACK Chapter employees from each other but knew to vacate our positions. My partner and I were devastated and lost our stable housing when she failed to provide reasonable notice or any accommodation or severance for terminated employees. Now, our organization is struggling to pick up the pieces and rehire everyone without PFLAG Portland, and against the wishes of Dawn Holt of Portland, Oregon. We knew that relationship needed to come to an end if we wanted to continue doing the work of servicing Black homeless youth, LGBT Seniors and our most vulnerable community members.

We have reclaimed and relaunched our org as Sankofa Collective Northwest, with a renewed commitment to representing Black LGBTQ people in this irreparably white city at a time where Black Trans Women are being killed and left on the streets at staggering rates and we as a community are still recovering from the Pulse shooting in Florida. Sankofa as an organization, much like its namesake, is experiencing a rebirth so the needs of the Black LGBT community in Oregon can continue to be met during a time of mass police and white nationalist vigilante violence being committed against our family everyday.

Please share and support our relaunch and get the word out there that Dawn Holt should resign and that Sankofa Collective Northwest carries the mission that PFLAG Portland tried to stop us from accomplishing. 

Notes and quotes and receipts in the article above. 

To support Sankofa Collective Northwest, donate here. 

Signal boost.

hey @copperbadge @wilwheaton @gaywrites signal boost please?

Dammit, Portland.


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Guest artists Ross Richmond and Randy Walker were inspired by fall as they demonstrated in the Amphitheater Hot Shop on September 25 and 26. 

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A young girl climbed up a step ladder to stand at the podium before a tense Charlotte City Council meeting.

Petite in size, with braids in her hair and hearts on her t-shirt, Zianna Oliphant collected herself and delivered her message loud and clear.

“It’s a shame that our fathers and mothers are killed and we can’t see them anymore. It’s a shame that we have to go to their graveyard and bury them. We need our fathers and mothers to be by our side.”

Oh my goodness…

What poise.  Admirable, and horrible in the same breath.

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Sexism is over

It was…for one whole episode.

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dog escapes cage, then releases other dogs at dog kennel [video]

It took 15 years but finally we know who let the dogs out.

It was the dogs. It was the dogs all along.

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I will never ever judge you for what you do or don’t ship. No matter how much I dislike a ship, I will never put you down for it. They are fictional characters and are here to make you happy. If your ship makes you happy thats all that matters.

If it fits, it ships. Respect.

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People recreate photos of their immigrant ancestors

this is beautiful

my heart….


I’m not crying. You’re crying

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Handmade Mermaid Tail Blanket Allows You to Snuggle In During Autumn & Winter Days

Crochet artist Melanie Campbell is known for taking the internet by storm with her handmade mermaid tail blankets. Embodying the tail of the mythological and majestic mermaid creature, the hand crochet lap blanket is perfect to snuggle with on a chilly day. Inspired by the aquatic blue and coral hues of the sea, the skillfully composed crochet piece is finally available after being sold out for weeks. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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