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It had to happen. I found some Yule Whack.

The HTML code is terrible, the site itself is ugly as hell but I'm dying here.

Forget Krampus, I give you YULE CAT.

"A woman describes a scene from her youth in the last century thus: "We were lazy doing this chore. Then we were reminded of the Yule Cat. We thought that was some terrible beast and the last thing we wanted was to be one of his offers."

Enjoy. One more day! One more day!
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People are seeing what happens when I am not held captive in front of a computer. Literally,this year? It's a race, and unless I have to be in front of the keyboard? I've everywhere but right now.

Hopefully, it'll settle down after New Years. Cross everything.

Christmas Carols in Perspective.

Apologies upfront, but I'm about to fail about of y'all on the LDB challenge. Sorry!

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!
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Want to change the world?

Okay, about changing one small corner - yours?

Volunteer Match is a good place to start, but also?

Modest Needs will always get my vote for simple, small and sustainable. Also, it doesn't take much - just a hand.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow!
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If you get to stay home and get all hardcore on your Christmas cookie baking, have I got the project for you.

Snowflake Filled Snowman Cookies.

See you tomorrow!
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Live in the United States? Or planning a visit?

The National Park Service has a holiday gift for you. Go forth and download.

Then dream, dream, dream. These places are REAL.

See you tomorrow!
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Ten Days Left!!

You know those potholders you make with the cotton jersey loop looms? I love those. Nothing works better and if you have one of those things? Make me some. *HUG*

Better yet, send me a kit.

Wow, this looks pretty.

Holiday Mulling Spices. Mmmm. I'd like one of those.

See you tomorrow!
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Peanut Butter Jelly Coooookies.

All I want for Christmas is you.

If you smoke, would you please quit? It's no guarantee, mind but - I stand a greater chance of more you if you don't smoke, so. Would you please quit?

It's the biggest thing you could give me - more you. It's the only thing I really want, year-round.

So. Stop that. Okay?

If you don't smoke? Volunteer Match could use a few hours, if you can spare 'em. Go over an give 'em a jingle.

See you tomorrow!
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Molasses Cookies!

"Today, go get yourself something good to eat. As you eat it, whether you made it or someone else did, think about all the hands that put it on your plate. The hands that harvested, grew, cooked, and packaged it. Think of those stranger’s hands. Pray for all the strangers' hands that move our world along."

Actually, go visit a "pay what you want" restaurant, give 'em a few bucks and some time. Google up the concept, it's pretty nifty.

The best example near me is Cafe Gratitude - but I'm sure you can find something near you as well.

Have some, if you need some.

Got some, pass it along. It's a privilege to have enough to share with others.

See you tomorrow!
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Slow-Cooker Spiced Nuts. Sounds warm, sweet and spicy - mmmmm.

Go nuts!

See you tomorrow!
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Best Snickerdoodles Ever - even the pictures look awesome.

And what would holiday music (these days) be without Straight No Chaser? I ask ya.

See ya tomorrow!
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Chocolate Cooookies.

What the heck. Here, have an image and a warm thought.

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Eggnog cookies, anyone?

Need an idea for gifts, but don't have the $$$ - and you'd like to repurpose something?

Here's a good start.

See you tomorrow!
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I offer you a cookie. Yum!

Work in IT? Web design, perhaps?

Here, Advent Calendar for you.

"24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. For twenty-four days each December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer."

See you tomorrow!
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Chocolate coooooookies.

Like postcards? Like people? I got something for ya.


You - yes, YOU - can get postcards from all over the world. Just be ready to send some of your own.

Support as you like, do as many as you like, knock yourself out.

See you tomorrow!
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Here, have some peppermint fudge.

Haven't kept up with the Advent posts the past few years, it's just been too tough. However, going to make the effort this year - so.

A post a day, with something awesome. Let's do this.

My absolute favorite flash mob video. Enjoy!


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