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if someone says “degenerate” there is a 93% chance they are a neo-nazi 

neo-nazi buzzwords:

referring to minorities as a dehumanised collective (i.e “the blacks” instead of “black people”, “the jews” instead of “jewish people”, “the gays”, “the illegals” etc. etc.)

“cuck” “normie” “liberal snowflake”

“deus vult my friends”

“Is he /our guy/ ?” or any variation of the /our guy/ meme

“red-pill” or “alt-right” (in regards to someone’s political stance)

holocaust denial in any way shape or form (from flat out it didn’t happen to any kind of attempt to minimise/normalise the crimes of the nazis through spreading false facts or making jokes about it)

using the concept of triggers in a comedic way  

talking about “alpha” and “beta” males

“anti-racism = anti-white” / “this is anti-white propaganda” / “white pride worldwide” 

“multiculturalism = white genocide”

“islamization of america/europe”, “eurabia”

glorious (when applied to a political figure or nation)

14/88, “the 14 words”, or any variation of them

symbols: the celtic cross, the two lightning bolts side to side, obviously the swastika and all of its variations (here is a link to the anti-defamation league’s comprehensive guide to identifying hate symbols)

“im a race realist”

talking about cultural marxism as if it’s an actual thing 

“preserving the future for white children” (anything that evokes images of white children being in need of saving from the imagined threat of white genocide)

“why are only white countries asked to be multi-cultural” ignoring the overwhelming presence of white people in the americas, oceania and south africa 

citing false statistics about difference in IQ amongst ethnic groups

neo-nazis are currently on a campaign to rebrand and repackage themselves to win over more mainstream support. this has resulted in the emergence of the “alt-right” as a legitimate political body, to push back against neo-nazism we have to identify it where we see it. if you see someone online using any of the terminology listed above there is a good chance that they are part of the burgeoning group of white supremacist who are using online platforms and cloaked language to disperse their hatred to a wider audience. be aware and be vigilant. 

side note: incase the neo-nazis on this site co-opt this post and turn it into a “tag urself” of some sort im gonna pre-emptively say, with all my heart, i hope you choke 

Take notes, punch a Nazi.

The celtic cross? seriously? Ok, I need to kill some guys over this one, because they do not fucking GET to take that as their symbol!

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2sjJSim


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